Günter Mark
I have been building lutes since 1979, originally as an amateur taking part in three lute building courses in Erlangen, later for a period of 16 months with Robert Lundberg in Portland, USA. In 1984 I opened my own shop in Erlangen and in 1987 accompanied my wife, singer Nele Gramss, to Utrecht, Netherlands. Since 1993 we have been living in Elsa, a hamlet ca. 15 km west of Coburg/Germany. After receiving my Master Craftsman's Certificate in 1995,  I met my second important teacher Benno Streu in Freiburg while working on the Liuto Forte during 1998.  In 2001 I was appointed honorary professor at the Westsächsische Hochschule, Zwickau, for the manufacture of historical musical instruments at the campus of Markneukirchen.
Also in Portland I had built my first Viola da Gamba. Lutes and viols have much in common in that principles of design and sound may often be transferred from one instrument to the other.